Although the number of qualified electronic signature certificates issued by Lithuanian service providers Lithuanian service providers of other qualified reliability assurance services are decreasing every year gives more and more. One of the most popular qualified electronic timestamp creation services volumes during 2021 increased by 85 percent. Qualified electronic timestamp creation services In Lithuania, it was provided by 2 service providers: UAB BalTstamp and SE RC. 2021 a total of 170,121,942 were created qualified electronic time stamps (91,980,297 in 2020). RC generated 128,842,651 (2020 -65,825,297), and UAB BalTstamp – 41,279,291 (in 2020 – 26,155,000) qualified electronic time mark (Fig. 4). 


Development of qualified electronic time stamps and other trust services

As the use of electronic signatures expands, so do some of the most popular ones demand for trust services – the development of qualified electronic timestamps. Per 2021m. Lithuanian qualified trust service providers for qualified electronic time stamps created 85 percent. more than in 2020 Electronic timestamps facilitate electronic signatures validation of a qualified electronic signature certificate and may be used in cases where it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the data and to know when the data existed. As the use of qualified electronic signatures grows, so does the demand for these services will continue to grow. Although qualified electronic press certificates have not been widely used in Lithuania recently used, but their number is growing every year. It is likely that in the future, with the growth of digital operations electronic seal will become an increasingly attractive solution for companies to approve online transactions and its use will increase even more.